The Answer To A Very Specific Prayer... Years In The Making

Post Written: July 26, 2018
Helps Starts Here is our tagline.

We want to be the first place women and families come to when facing an unplanned pregnancy. We want them to start their decision-making journey with a place that offers love, grace and practical support and one that won’t profit from the choice they make. For years we have been saying, “If they don’t know we exist, how can we help them?”

It was a hot summer day 3 years ago when the Lord led me to the Medical Park Plaza across the street from Tucson Medical Center. It’s in this plaza women from all sides of the city come to have abortions. My dermatologist at the time practiced in the same area so I was there regularly. That particular day I had an appointment and after getting back into my car I observed a couple standing outside of the abortion clinic clearly unsure about whether or not to go in.

As much as I wanted to, I knew that I was not allowed to address people on the clinic property so I remained in my vehicle and prayed. I was so burdened and questions filled my mind. “Did they know about our free services? Were they aware of all their options? Did they know there were people like us who loved them and their unborn baby?” She was crying... he was listening... and both their faces showed their angst. After talking for a long time they gave one another an embrace and stepped inside.

As I prayed, I slowly began driving through the plaza and noticed several buildings for sale. The one I found most intriguing was the one on the corner at the front end of the parking lot. It was like a cornerstone…a lighthouse in a dark place. The thought quickly entered my mind, “If our pregnancy center was located here, we may have been able to care for that couple and many others like them who are literally on their way into the abortion clinic.” I drove back to the office and shared my experience with John Tabor, former Executive Director of Hands of Hope. Soon an idea turned into a major prayer request. As we invited others to join in our prayer efforts we realized that some community members had been praying similar prayers for decades. Specifically that God’s Kingdom would reign in the Medical Park Plaza.

God heard our prayers and answered in a big way this past fall when a generous donor along with a handful of key leadership purchased the 2,800 square foot corner building in the Medical Park Plaza for us! It was the very building we had asked God for years earlier! These individuals understand that in the midst of issues as politicized as abortion and sexuality we must be present with the people that are being impacted and love them.

Being present now means being even closer to those we have been called to love and care for. Because of our faithful donors, like you, we have always offered services free of charge. This additional location will have the capacity to serve more of our client demographic in a medical plaza that lends credibility to the compassionate, professional care we have offered since 1981, but we need your help.

On behalf of the women, children and families we serve,

Elisa Medina
Elisa Medina
elisa-sig-300x147 Give The Gift of Motherhood
Executive Director of Hands of Hope Tucson

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