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Hands of Hope Tucson has the heart to connect like-minded pastors with a heart for life to each other and to resouces that can support them in creating life-affirming cultures in their churches.

These breakfasts are intended to promote relevant life topics that support discussion and spark ideas to meaningfully serve abortion-vulnerable and abortion-wounded people in your church and in the community.

You're Invited:

When:   Thursday, September 9th 2021
Where: The Lodge on the Desert  

Special Message: "Both/And in an Either/Or World" by David Drum from j17 Ministries

Breakfast will be provided!  
drum dave

You're Invited:

When:   Thursday, December 9th 2021
Where: The Lodge on the Desert

Special Message: Ben Pitney Lead Pastor Vail Christian Church

 My heart's desire as I speak at this event is that we all would own up to the deep sense of Christ's truth that is already in our hearts. I want to intensify the good and grateful appreciation for the gift of human life. So, my simple challenge will be that we would not be part of the culture of lagging and apathy, when it comes the sanctity of life. That we would fight against the encroachments of apathy, laziness and indifference in our churches and develop teams of passionate people to multiply our energy, hope, zeal, passion and earnestness to advocate for life.

Breakfast will be provided!  
Ben Pitney Lead Pastor

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Thursday, December 9th 2021

Previous Speakers:

Jeff Lodgson Hands of Hope Tucson
From June 17th: Special Message- "Unaware - Working through the journey of restoration" by Pastor Jeff Logsdon with Hope City Church

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From March 18th, 2021 : Pastor Robert Furrow

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