Give The Gift of Motherhood

Post Written: May 10, 2018

Happy Mother's Day from Hands of Hope Tucson

When I stop and think about what it means to be a mother, I am still speechless at the responsibility the Lord gave me to serve in such a special, sacred role.

My husband, Fernando, says that mom's make houses, homes and infuse love into everything they do. They balance out dads who are fun and adventurous and kiss boo boo's when those adventures turn into scraped knees. Mom's also tend to broken hearts and provide guidance along the journey of life's ever-turning path. Mom's wipe away tears, pray, hug, and hold.

I am a mother and my oldest just turned 18. If you're a parent, you understand how fast it goes. I remember the day I found out I was pregnant with him. I was young and afraid and wondered if I could actually "do" motherhood. The relationship I was in was not going well and I was living a questionable lifestyle to say the least.

Who would be there for me to support me as a single mom?

Could I really care for another human being?

What if I failed him, hurt him, disappointed him?

Could my part-time job really make ends meet?

All of these questions combined with fear of the unknown led me to walk through the doors of an abortion clinic. By the grace of God along with support offered to me by friends and family, I didn't go through with the abortion and was able to celebrate my son's 18th birthday earlier this year.

The reality is that, today, women in our community are faced with the same fear I experienced unsure if they should continue their pregnancy or have an abortion. Today, real lives of children hang in the balance and they need you to intercede on their behalf.

When you give to Hands of Hope Tucson this month, you can give women considering abortion the gift of motherhood. What a privilege that would be: a decision made today can impact generations to come. If you are already giving to our life-saving work, thank you. We would not be able to accomplish our mission without your valuable partnership.

Would you please consider giving an additional gift this Mother's Day? Your donation makes it possible for our clients to embrace motherhood as they make a courageous choice to continue their pregnancy.

On behalf of the women we serve and the children they carry Thank You.

Elisa Medina
Elisa Medina
elisa-sig-300x147 Give The Gift of Motherhood
Executive Director of Hands of Hope Tucson

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