Leah and Terrin's Story

Post Written: July 6, 2016

Then your love stepped in and made the difference.

Thanks to your support we were able to open our hearts to Leah and Terrin, we listened to them, we reached out to them, we talked with them, we prayed for them.

We discovered that besides the indecision about her pregnancy, Leah was experiencing another kind of suffering, too: She was intensely nauseous, every single day.

Shortly after she left our office that she was hospitalized with a kidney infection.

Stuck in a hospital bed with nothing to do but think…
Maybe that’s where our words of love and life came back to mind…
Maybe that’s where faith finally took hold.
Because somewhere along the way, Leah and Terrin realized:
They had to choose life for their baby.

They reached out to us again. We were overjoyed. We stayed in constant conversation with them throughout Leah’s pregnancy. In March, they came to us again — to introduce us to baby Calvin!

Leah brought one more special gift with her as well: Thank you.

But her thank you is really a message for you…because your faithful and generous support enabled us to be there for them, in their moment of crisis, and beyond.

I’m excited to announce that, this month, we have the opportunity to be there for twice as many couples at no extra cost!

Thanks to a $25,000 Matching Challenge issued by a few of our friends – every gift you give will be matched, dollar-for-dollar, DOUBLING the impact of your love in the lives of couples like Leah and Terrin!

No matter the size of your gift, large or small, you’ll make a TREMENDOUS impact, thanks to the Matching Challenge!

Please click on the donate link below to give twice as much hope to couples in need!

Thank you for the love and care you pour into these family’s lives. It makes all the difference for little ones like Calvin!

Yours for the babies,

John Tabor
John Tabor

John Tabor

In 2010 John was ordained as a Pastor in recognition of his ministry in the lives of those he serves.  John is a proud husband, father and grandfather.

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