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Baby’s First Christmas

When we look back at all the amazing gifts God has given our ministry this past year, it is simply incredible. And you are at the top of the list! Your support provided a new building for us, that is in the process of being remodeled and set to be complete... read more →
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Love Unleashes Life

At our Gala a few weeks ago, Stephanie Gray communicated the why and how of pregnancy center ministry using the words "love unleashes life." I am convinced that we are most like Jesus when we respond with compassion toward those who... read more →
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Why Restoration

During the month of January much attention is given to the Sanctity of Human Life as we consider the Roe v. Wade decision that legalized abortion now 45 years ago. It is important to grieve the loss of... read more →
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May 2017 Newsletter

  Please find an interactive version of our newsletter below. If for any reason you are unable to view it on our site, we've made it available for download as a .pdf by clicking this link.   https://issuu.com/handiworkmarketing/docs/may2017-newsletter
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Dear Life Advocate, “While on staff with Hands of Hope I saw firsthand what a difference they make in the lives of women facing an unplanned pregnancy. Their compassion, love, and relational approach made such an impact on... read more →
Dec 28
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Your Taxes Save Lives

Dear Life Advocate, Every woman has a dream. This includes those who come to one of our centers facing an unplanned pregnancy and considering abortion. Fearing she was pregnant, Sarah googled keywords “abortion clinic” and because we compete online... read more →
Dec 01
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A Beautiful Christmas

Dear Life Advocate, This Christmas season we reflect upon the hope of our salvation that came to us through an unplanned pregnancy. It is our HOPE and FAITH in Jesus Christ that compels us to care for women facing unplanned... read more →
Nov 09
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By Laurie Thomas Champion…  The word makes me think of sports and, my friends, sports is not my “thing”.  I am not competitive by nature and certainly not athletic by any stretch of the imagination but I had a... read more →
Oct 17
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Thank You!

Dear Life Advocate, During this season of Thanksgiving, we felt it was important to express how truly thankful our staff at Hands of Hope is for each one of you - Thank You! We wanted to share this incredible... read more →
Aug 17
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