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Center-Staff-300x200 CentersAt the Hands of Hope Tucson Pregnancy Center, women who are facing an unexpected pregnancy, feeling unsure of what to do next, and needing to make decisions related to their pregnancy will be provided with quality care and education. Our caring team will embrace a woman at her point of need and help her weigh her options so she can make an informed decision. We provide free pregnancy testing administered by trained and supportive professionals. Our quality medical tests can detect pregnancy just seven days after conception with an accuracy rate of 99%. We also offer free ultrasounds to pregnant women to determine gestation period and confirm whether there is a viable intrauterine pregnancy.

If a client is in need of a doctor consultation, we can refer her to some of the best specialists in Tucson where she can expect to have all of her medical questions answered by a caring professional.

If a client is considering adoption, we can refer her to some of the best adoptions agencies Arizona has to offer. These organizations are compassionate and knowledgeable and can help empower her to make a decision that will leave her feeling at peace. We believe it’s important to provide women and couples with the emotional support they need in addition to medical support. Individuals are welcome to visit with our wonderful staff, who will provide a listening ear and helpful educational tools. Women who choose to undergo an abortion may face physical as well as emotional side effects. That’s why we offer abortion recovery support in addition to our other service offerings. These side effects can impact women immediately after an abortion or even years later. Please click here for more information.

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