Services Offered

Day in and day out at Hands of Hope Tucson we strive to meet people at their point of need so that we might have the privilege of sharing the love of Jesus with them.


Through our Centers division, clients who find themselves in an unplanned pregnancy will receive a free pregnancy test, options counseling with one of our trained Client Advocates, and a free ultrasound.  Free pre-natal care is also offered (to those who qualify) by our dedicated volunteer medical team.  All clients regardless of age or circumstance are treated with genuine love, care and dignity at Hands of Hope Tucson.


BreakDown Tucson provides a 60-minute performance created to educate, inspire, and challenge young people to make healthy choices for their futures and live lives without regrets.

Utilizing young local talent we blend drama, dance, spoken word and video to tell real life stories. This peer to peer interaction along with cutting edge lighting and sound creates a life-altering experience.

Life Advocacy Training

Abortion is an emotional issue & what begins as a discussion can quickly disintegrate into an argument or debate.

Hands of Hope Tucson would like to partner with our community to offer training on how to address this issue in a calm & respectful way. Sharing the truth in love.

Post Abortion Support

Abortion often continues to impact women and even men many years later.  Being given the opportunity to process unresolved grief as well as experience forgiveness brings healing.

We offer free post-abortion support and education for men and women struggling with their experience.

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