An Important Message From John Tabor

Post Written: April 12, 2017

Dear Friends,

Today is a sweet, bitter-sweet day as Hands of Hope moves into a new era.

On March 23, 2017, the Board of Directors embraced my request to transition, after 22 years, into semi-retirement from my responsibilities as Executive Director of Hands of Hope. On April 6, 2017, our team and I had the pleasure of commissioning someone God has anointed to be the next Executive Director.

For three years, Mrs. Elisa Medina and I have sought the Lord together for His direction regarding the path forward.  We have been in discussions with the Lord about the future: asking, listening, thinking, preparing, checking, adjusting, questioning, weighing, proposing, submitting and smiling.  Smiling all the while.  First, because we love dialoguing and drawing closer to the One who created and blessed our ministry beyond measure. Second, because we know His promises are trustworthy and true.  And third, because personally and ministerially He has allowed us to be a part of His plan for all of the lives we touch here at Hands of Hope. Personally He has favored me with joy, faith, mercy, the presence of His angels, and now the opportunity to step away into semi-retirement while continuing to work on special projects and with those who desire to contribute in other myriad ways to Hands of Hope. He is confident in us. He has never let us down.

Even as I write this I feel alive in ways I’ve never actually experienced before.  Electric! Excited! Expectant!  You see, for much of twelve years I have been privileged to have Elisa Medina by my side in seeking God’s leading and guidance to minister as life givers to those whose lives in so many ways have been influenced by the evil one. I believe Hands of Hope is succeeding in this pursuit, but God has much more to say. I can’t wait to hear what He is saying and where He wants this ministry to go.  Physical, emotional, and spiritual lives are at stake.  We will continue to be life-givers and not life-takers!

You know, Hands of Hope is God’s ministry and Elisa listens to His voice. She has proven to be a woman of honor, prayer and action, but only when God says “Go.”  I’ll still be around - wild horses couldn’t keep me away!  Fasten your seat belts as we move forward in this adventure of a lifetime!

In His Service,

John Tabor
John Tabor

John Tabor

In 2010 John was ordained as a Pastor in recognition of his ministry in the lives of those he serves.  John is a proud husband, father and grandfather.

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