Nov 15

A Great Return on Investment

A Great Return On Investment

Partly because of the work that I do in being a professional financial advisor, I think about return on investment. I take my responsibility for stewardship for God’s resources very seriously. I consider Hands of Hope to be a good return on investment because they fulfill two really important purposes for me.

The first is, fulfilling God’s purpose here on earth. Through this ministry, babies are saved and moms are ministered to spiritually, emotionally, and physically in a loving, biblical way.

In addition to helping moms, they also come along-side people who’ve had an abortion in the past and are suffering from that and have the opportunity for restoration and recovery from that. This is really important to me because I know several people who’ve had their lives transformed through this type of ministry.

Essentially, I give because I want to see babies saved, I want to see moms helped and healed, and I want to see people who’ve suffered from past abortion restored and put in the right place where they know that God loves them.

That is a great return on investment – not only here – but for eternity and the kingdom of God.

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