Thank you to everyone who gave on #GivingTuesday!

Post Written: November 29, 2018

Thank You!


I'm always amazed at the generosity of our donors. It's really all of you who make it possible for us to serve women and families facing unplanned pregnancy.

If you're not aware of Hands of Hope Tucson's holistic approach, we have some pillars. We we like to call them Prevention, Intervention and Restoration. That's really what makes us a unique pregnancy center ministry.

In our Prevention pillar, we educate youth and families about sexual integrity and what it means to avoid risk altogether. Yesterday, I had the privilege of seeing a BreakDown Tucson performance. I think I've seen probably a couple hundred now and they always bring me to tears. It's such a powerful risk avoidance message peer-to-peer using creative elements like dance and drama and video testimony. Just seeing the students respond to their peers talking about making healthy decisions now for optimal health for a lifetime. We want to avoid unplanned unwanted pregnancies in the first place. That's what we do in prevention.

In our Intervention pillar, we come alongside women facing an unplanned pregnancy. We feel very called to the women who are considering abortion because they feel like they have no other option. We really want to walk with her and her family. In fact, yesterday we had a woman that came in very undecided. It turned out, in her ultrasound, we saw that she was actually carrying twins. She made a courageous choice to continue that pregnancy.

ultrasound of twins

Our Restoration pillar is where we offer a path to healing for men and women struggling with an abortion experience.

When you give to Hands of Hope Tucson you're giving to all of that good work where we can prevent unplanned, unwanted pregnancies; we can intervene in unwanted pregnancies; and then we can provide restoration to men and women who ended their pregnancy through abortion and are really struggling.

Again, thank you so much. We appreciate your prayer and your partnership. We're just so grateful for you!

Elisa Medina
Elisa Medina
elisa-sig-300x147 Give The Gift of Motherhood
Executive Director of Hands of Hope Tucson

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